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Healthy trees and maintained contours of hedges & shrubs are as important for good looks as your manicured lawn is. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect regular pruning & only think about tree services after branches or the tree itself has fallen.

Periodic trimming helps to promote dense foliage & maintain your greenery's eye pleasing shape.


Landscaped trees require a certain level of care to maintain their proper function, safety & aesthetic. Let it grow too much and it can cause problems for you. However, a properly cared-for tree can add value to your property, reduce the risk of accidents & provide better sunlight for other trees and plants on your yard.

Our knowledgable Heroes possess all the experience & tools to respond to any type of tree, hedge or shrub. Hero Service prunes only according to industry standards and aim to deliver the top level of customer service based on your requests.

We Offer:

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree & Debris Disposal

  • Bush & Shrub Trimming

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Stump Grinding

For larger tree projects, please contact us for more details.



Transform the look of your yard at a lower price point.

Discover how we can give you a new look, without the need for hardscaping. From garden beds to mulching, xeriscaping & more.

Allow our Softscape Specialist to bring colour & life back to your yard. 




Design your very own outdoor getaway with one of our landscape specialists.

Stack of turf grass for lawn. Carpet of turf, roll of sod, turf grass roll. Installation o



Maintenance & installation, natural or synthetic. Our team does it all.

Raised bed vegetable garden box in sprin

Garden &

Flower Bed Installation

We create beautiful, environmentally friendly garden & flower beds.

Amazing Anemone flower in flower bed. Perfect  illustration for blooming Japanese Anemone

Tree, Shrub, Perennial

& Annual Planting

Let our inventive team of specialists bring life to your yard with fresh plantings.

mulching undergrowth beds is necessary in terms of water evaporation. bark pulp protects a

Mulching &


Add an extra layer of protection to the root structures of your plants & trees.




We offer garden bed maintenance, top dressing & overseeding services.


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