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Hand weeding services. Best for maintaining garden beds, retaining walls, driveways & any other small areas which have been invaded. 


Hand weeding is great for reducing the number of annual weeds on your property. It also helps to prevent future weeds from spreading, as they are removed while still young & before they set seed. Our teams are careful to remove the entire weed, including the root, rhizome, or other underground plant parts such as tubers or bulbs.

If your yard is displaying large areas of weed growth, please refer to our broadcast applications.


Note: This is for one hour only. If you would like our Heroes to spend a bit longer, please select the additional amount of time you require.

Hand Weeding (Hourly)

PriceFrom C$120.00
  • You will be scheduled in for the next available date, based on your area of the city. A confirmation with your date of servicing will be emailed to you.

    If you have any questions, please send us an email at:

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